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Our Mission Statement


     Our mission is to change the world with Love. Bridge the gap between the truth of  the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the secular world. Reaching the world using and array of media forms such as Churches, TV, Internet, Books, DVD, CDs, Music, and Blockbuster Quality Movies.


 To use biblical teaching to uplift the believer spiritually, physically, in relationships, recreationally and financially. 


Uplift people and communities, through community development using financial services, real estate and businesses as a catapult. 

About Robert McMillion

     Robert McMillion grew up in the tough streets of Watts Ca. The McMillion name came from his aspiring rap career as a youth (Cadillac McMillion). Robert always enjoyed music, film production, and basketball. Despite these activities to keep him busy, Robert was a hot head, he was shot in 1996 following a dispute in traffic. Robert changed his life for the better. As a youth, Robert’s family attended Mount Zion Baptist Church in Los Angeles CA. Robert gave his life to Christ in 2004. He was always the one to talk about and share his love of God. Robert McMillion began serving the Lord outside the church, as a street evangelist. His motto was to be slick as a serpent but as harmless as a dove. He has had a long career as a business owner in the field of Sales, Real Estate and Mortgages. Robert McMillion currently attends West Angeles Bible College in Los Angeles, where Bishop Charles E. Blake is the Pastor. He admires Bishops Blake’s wisdom, his love for God and how responsible he is with Gods resources. Robert is on track to receive a degree in Economics and Theology. He hopes to grow Robert McMillion Ministries to be active in every aspect of Kingdom Building. Robert McMillion is striving for excellence.